Encouraging Employee Creativity

Encouraging Employee Creativity Do you know what sets highly successful companies apart from the ones you have never hear of before? Innovation, creativity, and thinking out of the box are all key components to success in competitive spaces. This is true in any type of business. Those who have found creative ways to provide new […]

Passwords don’t need to be 20 characters

Passwords Don’t Need to be 20 Characters How many characters should your password have? How often should you change it? What if I told you that you have believed a lie? Passwords are an important part of everyday security for anyone who uses any type of technology today, but the notion that a strong password […]

Encryption Is Not Optional

Encryption Is Not Optional Encryption, when properly implemented, can save you from data theft, even if your network is hacked. I’m amazed how often I hear about networks that are not using any form of encryption to protect their data or communications. Today’s technology makes using encryption so incredibly easy without needing to understand how […]