Open source alternatives

Open Source Alternatives A lot of organizations shy away from open source software because they have a perception that it may be unsecure, incomplete, or not have any real backend support to fix user problems. Some of these perceptions are true at times, but with the myriad of free open source software available, we shouldn’t […]

Security Policy Review Timelines

Security Policy Review Timelines How often do you review your network security policies? How often do you look through the details of these policies and update the content to reflect the current state of the organizations and the current state of technological capabilities? Technology changes so fast that any policy based on technological capabilities or […]

BYOD is a Bad Idea

BYOD is a Bad Idea The bring your own device (BYOD) idea that became popular a few years ago is one that I have always thought to be a bad idea and would never suggest that a company or employee ever enter into such an agreement for a few different reasons: 1. For companies, allowing […]

Oversight for positions with trusted access

Oversight for Positions with Trusted Access How do you effectively manage employees in technical positions that have the ability to destroy your company with a few strokes of a keyboard? Have you ever wondered about the disastrous effects a disgruntled system administrator or cyber security technician could have on, not just your network infrastructure, but […]

The Art of Security Policies

The Art of Security Policies Have you ever noticed how security policies tend to be long and complex? These policies are typically required reading by new employees, but many of them just sign it without reading because it is so long. Then, after some time passes, they may break the rules that they don’t even […]