Internet of Things

Internet of Things The Internet of Things (IoT) is an exciting realm of technology that is bringing us so many convenient and incredible capabilities that can be used within our homes or businesses. But before we implement any of these technologies, we need to consider any security implications that come with the technology. Connecting a […]

Secure Text Messaging

Secure Text Messaging Why are you not using encrypted text messaging? So much sensitive data is sent through text messaging every day, and it is easily readable by anyone in your phone company, and anyone else with the right equipment. We all do it, we pass information that we shouldn’t across insecure phone lines all […]

Encrypting sensitive data

Encrypting Sensitive Data How are you storing your sensitive data? Is it sitting on the cloud somewhere for anyone to see? Is it buried deep in your internal network? Here’s the deal, there is one easy method to secure your data and store it anywhere you like. That method is called encryption. Wow, that was […]

Less is More

Less is More Have you ever wondered if the approach you are taking to security is actually the best possible method? Doing things the way we have always done them is not a great approach to managing an organization. People change, societies change, technologies change, and good business minded leaders know that organizations need to […]

Cloud Storage is not Always the Right Solution

Cloud Storage is not Always the Right Solution Cloud storage is so popular today and there are so many variations to this service that it can be easy to miss some important details about how this service works. Cloud storage offers us the incredible ability to access our data from anywhere we have an internet […]

To Pentest, or Not

To Pentest, or Not Is there any value in having an external organization run a penetration test against your network? Simply put, yes! This isn’t a service we provide at the Lloyd Research Institute so this will be my unbiased perspective on how to prepare for a pentest and what you should look for in […]

What C-level leaders need to know about cyber security

What C-level Leaders Need To Know About Cyber Security Employees in technology divisions of companies generally understand that the company’s senior leaders don’t have the level of knowledge needed to make serious decisions regarding cyber security issues. These leaders shouldn’t be expected to have intimate detailed knowledge of how to implement solutions, but every C-level […]