Consultants – the Most Valuable Member of your Team

– By: Dr. Gene Lloyd –

Who’s the most valuable member of your IT security staff? Is it the CISO with her company wide security policies? Maybe it’s the analysts who monitor network traffic looking for any suspicious anomalies. It could be either of these positions, or anyone in-between. But the most valuable person on your security staff is not position dependent. The most valuable person is the one who has the greatest insight into the cyber security needs of the organization. The problem is that, often times, employees within the organization lose sight on what is really important because they fall into one of two traps. The first trap is the classic “this is how we’ve always done it” way of thinking that destroys any desire to improve processes, implement new methodologies, or creatively troubleshoot how to protect against security threats. The second trap is the belief that we can simply apply industry security standards to our network and consider ourselves safe. Both of these traps are dangerous, and both lead to the opposite of our goals.

This is where a great consultant can inject fresh ideas and provide strategic advice that pulls you out of these traps and puts your organization in a much more secure position. Consultants are incredibly valuable because they provide you with the outsider’s perspective of what is needed without the burden of focusing on why the proper methods were not put into place in the past. They also don’t have any ties or allegiances to other employees and are able to provide targeted information without fear of reprisal. But the most important reason why consultants are the most valuable members of your team, is because they come with the high level of knowledge and expertise that your organization needs to successfully navigate the challenges ahead. The Lloyd Research Institute is ready to provide you with this level of expert advice. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


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