Easily Reduce Cyber Security Costs

The Lloyd Research Institute has a unique perspective on how to provide your organization with the strategic advice that you need right now to boost your cyber security capabilities.

Spending many years in military cyber warfare operations has given me a unique perspective on how security should be implemented in both large and small organizational settings. Defending hundreds of thousands of users operating from all over the globe helped me to recognize the importance of having the correct strategies in place to ensure hackers could not gain access, and our analysts could easily identify them when they made their surreptitious attempts to penetrate into our systems. Our budgets were large, and we were able to purchase a lot of, what was considered, the “right equipment” for the job; but we probably spent way more money than we really needed. Part of this was because the equipment was incredibly expensive, and still is, and part of it was because we were taking a standard approach that worked well when all the pieces were in place and everything was properly configured. I later realized that some of these methods, which are the same methods used in organizations all around the world, were actually very wasteful of resources, and that there was a simpler, more effective way at achieving the same goals without spending as much time, resources, and money.

From this revelation, I developed a list of the four most common cyber security mistakes that companies are applying to their networks right now that cause a major waste of resources. Everything on my list goes against traditional cyber security wisdom. I have completely flipped the model upside down and developed a more effective method that will provide a greater degree of security than what so many organizations are using today, and I have put together a short video to explain to you why this is important. Before you watch the video, here’s a sneak peek at that list:

  • Putting too many devices onto the network to “provide protection.”
  • Expecting employees to do work that technology can do more effectively and efficiently.
  • Using decade old strategies in a modern computing environment.
  • Employing all full-time CSO, CISO, ISSM, and ISSO’s is a waste of resources.


In this free, short video, I will help you see why these 4 mistakes should be replaced with easier and more effective solutions that will save you time, resources, and money. I want you to have a more secure network, and I am sure that is what you want as well. I am so confident I can help you that I am offering a free consultation to anyone interested. Take a look at this video, then contact me to set up that consultation. You will be glad that you did. But first, check out the video below:

We are confident that we can help you achieve a greater level of security faster than you can do it on your own, and we are offering free consultations to potential clients where we will help you think through some of the areas you need to make changes. Don’t sign up for this consultation if you want to keep wasting money; only signup if you are ready to reduce your cyber security spending and improve your security posture by implementing our strategies. Now that you have seen the video, sign up to receive your free consultation.