Encouraging Employee Creativity

Do you know what sets highly successful companies apart from the ones you have never hear of before? Innovation, creativity, and thinking out of the box are all key components to success in competitive spaces. This is true in any type of business. Those who have found creative ways to provide new products, or creative ideas to develop those products, have found themselves at the top of their respective field. So how does this translate into network or cyber security? It’s easy, we take the same elements of creativity and apply them to the departments that are working so hard to keep the networks secure. I guarantee that you have employees in your organization right now who have creative ideas of how to make things better, faster, or more efficient, but they are not being afforded the opportunity to test their ideas, primarily because company policy from the top levels stagnates their creativity. Is every idea a great one? Certainly not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t experiment a bit to see if today’s idea can become tomorrow’s solution.

Here’s what happens when we encourage employees to submit ideas, no mater how radical they are, that they think can make a difference: their dormant creativity starts to come alive and they begin to have a greater pride in the organization because they suddenly find themselves in a place where they can contribute in more meaningful ways. During my Air Force career, we had a process where anyone in the Air Force could submit an idea for changing something, and if their change was approved, that person would be given a small percentage of the money saved. That was a big incentive, especially if you had an idea that could save millions of dollars. What if we offered those types of incentives to our employees? What if we encouraged creativity. You probably have some processes that need to be changed, but you are not aware of it because your employees are just doing what they are told. A little encouragement in this area can have huge benefits down the road.

At the Lloyd Research Institute, we pride ourselves in providing creative solutions to complex problems, shifting perspectives with simple ideas, and showing our clients a better way to implement security on their networks. Contact us today to get your free consultation!