Encrypting Sensitive Data

How are you storing your sensitive data? Is it sitting on the cloud somewhere for anyone to see? Is it buried deep in your internal network? Here’s the deal, there is one easy method to secure your data and store it anywhere you like. That method is called encryption. Wow, that was anti-climactic. If you are storing any data in the cloud, you have to recognize that the employees of that cloud company could feasibly access your data anytime they want to. And the same is true if you are storing data your web server that is hosted by a third-party company. We accept some level of risk when we enter into agreements with other organizations, and in today’s data-centric environment, we have to recognize that our data is very valuable and should be protected in a way that keeps anyone from looking at it. And if you are storing customer or client data, you should definitely have some form of encryption in place. One of the things that stood out to me from the Target hack a few years back, was the blatant disregard for securing customer data. If they had stored all those credit card numbers in an encrypted format, the hackers would have had nothing to gain. You may think encryption is difficult to setup, but it is actually quite easy and there are many open source solutions that are freely available and incredibly secure. If you do not have any encryption in place, you are at a greater risk of having your data stolen. But, if you have great encryption in place, even a hack of your database will not yield anything to the hackers looking for a treasure trove of information. I always recommend to my clients that they need to use a variety of encryption methods to provide a high degree of security. I can develop an encryption blueprint for you, just sign up below for a free consultation.