Encryption Is Not Optional

Encryption, when properly implemented, can save you from data theft, even if your network is hacked. I’m amazed how often I hear about networks that are not using any form of encryption to protect their data or communications. Today’s technology makes using encryption so incredibly easy without needing to understand how cryptography works. There really is no reason why organizations shouldn’t be implementing some form of encryption to protect sensitive data. Many of the major breaches that have occurred in the past few years resulted in a lot of personal data that was stolen from the target network. Some of those cases included the loss of credit card numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and addresses. But, even if vulnerabilities still existed on the victim network, this data would have been safe if it had been stored in an encrypted format.

Good encryption is almost impossible to break when properly implemented, and the standard cipher used by the United States, and governments around the world, to protect their most sensitive data is freely available to everyone. Even hackers are aware of how difficult it is to break encryption. Some have been able to turn encryption into a money-making business through the use of malware that can encrypt your data and hold it for ransom. Their confidence in the strength of encryption has forced many companies and individuals to pay a fee before regaining access back to their files. And, you have certainly heard how the capabilities of encryption have recently garnered the attention of law enforcement and government officials who would like to force companies to include back doors into their products that bypass encryption; purely for law enforcement actions, of course.

Listen, encryption is a simple method to put into place that won’t cost you any additional resources other than the man hours required to put it into place. Plenty of incredibly strong open source solutions are readily available free of charge, and if you believe the reports stolen by Edward Snowden, even the NSA have not been able to defeat the encryption implemented by these tools. You can make your data exponentially more secure and provide yourself with a greater level of protection against data theft. All it takes is a few simple steps. As always, we are standing by to assist you in providing you the strategic advice you need to implement this, or other, security technologies. Sign up below for access to our free video about saving time, money, and resources in cyber security and to schedule a free cyber security consultation with a proven expert in the field.