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The Lloyd Research Institute can provide you with unique cyber security consulting and training services that few, if any, other consulting firms are capable of delivering. We can make this bold statement because of the three targeted approaches we take with every client’s needs.

1. We provide the opinion of an outsider who has never worked in your organization before, and we tell you what you need to hear, which is something traditional employees are not always brave enough to do. Often times, managers and employees will fall into the trap of thinking “this is how it has always been done” which almost always ruins innovation and creativity. A fresh opinion is often all that is needed to solve a complex issue.

2. We develop customized and creative solutions that most organizations have never implemented, or even considered to implement, which provides an out of the box solution to many problems. Managers tend towards cookie cutter solutions that are in use in other similar organizations, and as a result, often ignore creative ideas that are too outside of the box. Getting outside of the box is how we solve the big issues!

3. We have access to highly specialized data sets in multiple fields that give us the leverage to provide practical solutions that can be immediately implemented.

LRI’s Director, Dr. Gene Lloyd, holds a doctoral degree in computer science with a concentration in digital systems security. He has 30 years of experience in the computer science and cyber security fields and is also 20-year US Air Force veteran. His military career spanned many different arenas of computer science to include cyber warfare operations, cyber security, network design and administration, and cryptography. Dr. Lloyd’s experience and unique approach can solve your cyber security problems faster than you can solve them yourself, and save you valuable time, resources, and money during the process.

You can setup a free consultation using the form below, or if you like, you can first watch Dr. Lloyd’s video about the Top 4 Money Wasting cyber security mistakes that are being made today, and then setup that free consultation.