Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an exciting realm of technology that is bringing us so many convenient and incredible capabilities that can be used within our homes or businesses. But before we implement any of these technologies, we need to consider any security implications that come with the technology. Connecting a refrigerator to the internet sounds cool, but does it create a new point for a hacker to gain access to your network? Many IoT devices have software that allows for communication across the network, but doesn’t include any kind of security reviews or testing that ensure they don’t create vulnerabilities on the internal portions of our network. This could be potentially dangerous! Anytime we connect a new system to our networks, or install some new software onto one of those systems, we need to ensure that we are not creating a backdoor. You may remember a news story from 2017 about how the CIA was able to hack into some Samsung smart TV’s, and were able to activate the microphone to listen in on conversations. They were able to exploit the software and use it for spying on individuals, and this was partially due to the fact that the TV was connected to the network. I think it is safe to assume that other IoT devices with microphones could be turned on in a similar way. Consider the possibilities, if the CIA could exploit this software, a hacker could do the same. What types of conversations are you having around IoT devices that could be eavesdropped on and recorded? Maybe the better question is, why do you have IoT devices attached to your network? Now, I’m not a “everything is dangerous” kind of guy, and I could come up with a few different ways of how to connect these devices to a network in a more secure fashion, but generally speaking, I try to disable or disconnect the cool features when they are not in use, just to be safe. If you are thinking about allowing IoT on your network, this should be some food for thought. And, if you would like to discuss your use of IoT with a cyber security professional, we are standing by to assist you. Just plug in your email below and we will setup a free consultation.