Less is More

Have you ever wondered if the approach you are taking to security is actually the best possible method? Doing things the way we have always done them is not a great approach to managing an organization. People change, societies change, technologies change, and good business minded leaders know that organizations need to adapt along with those changes. The problem in the cyber security world though, is that we have not adapted our way of thinking to manage the changing landscape, and most organizations continue to lean on ideas and theories developed a few decades ago. The correct approach to security today is not the same as it was when some of our foundational security ideas were developed. Yes, we still need to have a secure perimeter, and we still need to have some layered defenses on the network. But the way we operate our networks, especially with the mass adopting of cloud technologies, drastically changes, and in many cases reduces, the systems that we need to protect on our network. Some of the risk is transferred away when we move email to the cloud. Many websites are no longer hosted on organizational networks, and have been shifted to a 3rd party provider. And this list goes on. So why do we still employ some of the methods that were used to protect segments of our networks that no longer exist? And to take this a bit further, why do we still protect the perimeter in the same way we did 20 years ago? The answer is simple. Higher education is still teaching the ideas of the past, so the CIO’s and CSO’s of today are still spouting what they learned when they first started out along with what they learned in college—all to the detriment of the organizations that they serve. But there is a better way. And a less expensive way. And a more logical way. All we have to do is take a step back and ask ourselves a few key questions, then the necessity of doing things differently becomes clear. Here’s the bottom line, your network could be much more secure with the use of less human resources, less technological resources, less time spent managing these resources, and less money spent each year to maintain everything. Less really is more when the configuration is right. Guess what, the Lloyd Research Institute has the solutions to help you achieve these types of goals. It is much easier than you think. Contact us today to see how we can help you shift your security into high gear.