So much time and energy has gone into looking for solutions to many different problems, and while we applaud the diligent work of researchers around the globe, we also recognize that it’s really easy for a researcher to get so caught up in a research project that they get a little too focused, and could end up missing a much simpler solution. Researching the solution to a problem, how to do something better, operating more efficiently, or even inventing a new technology can all benefit from a more simplistic out of the box approach. The method used at the Lloyd Research institute is to look at problems from angles no one else has done before, so that we can come up with solutions no one else has ever thought of before. It’s a simple strategy, different perspectives can yield different ideas that allow us to apply potential solutions that others have not thought of or have dismissed because of their simplicity.  This method has allowed us to creatively invent innovative products, develop incredibly effective strategies, and come up with solutions to serious problems. We believe that simple solutions can be applied to even the most complex of problems, even if the level of simplicity is only relative to the problem itself. We have the tools you need to solve the problems you are currently facing in the cyber security arena, and we are confident that we can help you achieve success much quicker than you could do it on your own.