Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

How many employees do you have working on security issues in your organization? You may not know this, but they are probably under worked and overpaid. One thing I have come to realize in the cyber security arena is that there are a lot of highly intelligent and capable people in positions that do not demand 40 hrs/week to accomplish needed tasks. Take a senior level security position like CSO for example. Most their day is in meetings to discuss security needs that everyone already knows are needed, and then to provide direction for someone else to take action. Add to this the overlap that exists between this position and an ISSO, or a CIO, and you have a perfect equation of wasted resources for multiple employees who are all basically doing the same thing. Many of these types of positions have a lot of foundational work that is required when a company is first started or when a major change occurs on a network. But the rest of the time is pretty much autopilot. We have allowed different industries to dictate that certain positions should exist without stepping back to think about whether or not we need each specific position in our organization. Many times, these types of positions can be part time or, better yet, their advisory roles can be filled by a consultant. This isn’t to say that the people in these positions are unneeded, only to say that they can be reallocated to other operations where their time could be spent more valuably. Another avenue we can take on this discussion is that, if we properly posture our networks with the correct level of security, we can even reduce the technical staff charged with those functions, or split their time between traditional system administration roles and security roles. Your organization may, in fact, have far too many people allocated to roles that are not being fully utilized. I encourage you to take a look across your organization and determine if any reallocation is needed. We would, of course, love to help you with this. Use the form below if you would like access to a free video about saving time, money, and resources in cyber security and to schedule a free cyber security consultation with a proven expert in the field.